Editor crashes on level load

Unreal’s editor crashes when I load a any level inside my project and it does the same thing for every single level that I try to load inside the editor not at runtime. The error says that there are a certain amount of world memory leaks. I tried to look inside the “memreport” command’s log but I have no idea what I have to look for when it comes to debugging this error.

Could someone point me out the way to go to solve this issue, because right now my project is almost unusable as I cannot load any level.

I include a video and the memreport log that illustrate what I’ve said:

PS: I was not sure where to post this kind of topic as the answerhub is currently under maintenance.

Thanks in advance.

Still not working? Try going into project settings and load it as default and see what happens.

Was the level created with nothing in it? If so you can delete it and remake the level.

I have tried to set the problematic map as default editor map in project settings, well it turns out the editor skips it and loads another one instead… why?

To explain a little bit better, the main map (let’s call it map A) I am working on contains another map that is used as a streamed sub-level (map B) inside the main map (map A). The thing is that that sub-level map (map B) is also a map on its own because I wanted to be able to work on that map (map B) and any change made to it is reflected to the sub-level (map B) of the main map. (map A)

However my main concern is those world leaks errors. I have no idea how to proceed. Should I look at a log file? if it is the case, which one?

We will figure this out. First may i ask, what version are you using of unreal?

Try to update the project to a newer or older version. Let me know if this is still giving problems after?

I am currently using the version 4.24.2 latest up-to-date release and my project is blueprint-only.

I have tried to revert my project back to UE4.22 and I got the following error: “Could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually”. I should mention that I already have a source build of the 4.24.2 version of the engine from github and I am also using the Advanced session plugin. I had to create an empty C++ class as it was mentionned to do so on the plugin’s forum page.

Should I build or rebuild the project inside visual studio to make it work on an older version?