Editor crashes on blueprint compile when 'snap to target' set

Hello everyone,

I’ve encountered a crash bug whilst compiling a simple Blueprint to attach a childActorComponent (blueprint) to a socket on my Skeletal mesh.

Basically, I have a ship (skeletalMesh) that has a socket to act as a weapon slot (designed for interchangeable weapons), and a gun (skeletalMesh). I have a gun Blueprint that I am calling in my Ship construction graph using the add childActorComponent and I am trying to attach it to the socket on my Ship.

The error occurs when I change Attach Type to “Snap to Target”, it crashes on compile from then onwards no matter what changes I make to the Blueprint. I have had to delete and rebuild and discovered this is the issue through trial and error.

Any thoughts? Am I doing this horribly wrong or is this a bug?

Figured it out.
Soon after posting this I realised I had mixed up the Target and In Parent pins, however I would still like to point out that even after correcting this It would still crash the editor to desktop when clicking Compile. Even deleting the entire graph and rebuilding caused crashes, Instead I would have to delete the Blueprint itself and rebuild from scratch.

Hi TheFear,

Does this only happen with the one blueprint or have you been able to reproduce this crash in a clean project with no additional content?

Hi ,

No, this was happening only within that specific project and I should probably mention that it was 4.2.0 - Rebuilding the blueprint on my home machine with 4.2.1 I encountered no errors, which is when I realised the mix up on the pins.

Hi TheFear,

I am happy to hear that you are no longer encountering any errors. I will mark this as accepted for tracking purposes. Have a great day!