Editor Crash Upon Editing Gamemode (C++)

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with the basic First-Person Template project (C++): I wanted to edit the standard gamemode for the level so that it would use a different player object on begin play and I successfully set the asset path in the .h file (confirmed under the Blueprints tab in the editor - the class shows up under the pawn tab). However, after building, the editor simply crashes upon building. I’ve researched my problem and it appears I am not doing anything wrong - I don’t know what else to do. What should I be looking for to solve the problem?


P.S. I have attached the corresponding crash log file for reference.

Of course you are doing something wrong, but nobody will be able to tell you what it is unless you post your modified code.

Don’t use hardcoded asset paths, these tend to break when building the standalone game. But since it crashes when you compile, it might be because (I assume) you’re setting the player class in the game mode’s constructor and the path to the asset is wrong. You should probably use a TSubclassOf<AYourPlayerClass> variable and set it in the editor.