Editor crash. Cannot report details due to Bluescreen :o


I just played around with landscapes and incurred 5 bluescreens within 1 hour. :frowning:
When working with “normal” level geometry (no landscapes), no bluescreens.

While there is not much that I can send as logfiles:
I made some tests then and found out that when the Windows System Assessment Tool WinSAT.exe was starting up the system bluescreened…
After rebooting, and starting the editor again, WinSAT also tried again to start/resume its task and… bam! bluescreen again.:frowning:
The chances for a bluescreen seem especially high if WinSAT is starting/running during static lighting builds or terrain sculpting.
Also the fact that WinSAT deactivates Aero sometimes freezes the editor. (WinSAT really starves other applications on system resources)

I deactivated WinSAT now completely (who needs that anyway, seriously)…:rolleyes:
No more bluescreens since…

In wonder if that may be a root cause for so many other users describing the Unrealö Engine as “unstable”… :confused:


PS: Using Win7 professional