Editor Crash after 30 seconds of Launch

Hello, I recently installed UE4 for the first time and experiencing frustrating problems. Each time, after 30 seconds in editor, the editor crashes with the error message “Video Driver crashed and was reset! Make sure your video drivers are up to date. Exiting…”. I’ve search through similar situation and found no solutions. My video driver is up to date, I even tried Unreal Engine version 4.7.6. and 4.8. (preview 3)

I am using an HP 15-R253CL TouchSmart, with a 5th Gen Intel I3-5010U 2.2 processor, 5500 Intel Integrated Graphics Card. (The latest processor and Intel Graphics card)

Am I missing something? Or what did I not install or patch?

Hi Qwandell,

I looked up the specs on your laptop and, while some laptops with integrated graphics have had limited success running the editor, we generally recommend at least a 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor to start.

It really is hit or miss on how any given laptop is set up by the manufacturer. In this instance, it may have something to do with the fact that your RAM is single channel (1 stick of RAM instead of 2x4GB sticks). The reason this could be an issue is because integrated graphics cards use your system RAM as Video RAM (where a discrete graphics card has it’s own VRAM). I think you may be running out of memory bandwidth with your system RAM being single channel.

That being said, some people with similar issues have had success running the editor in OpenGL3 or DirectX10 as they are less expensive to run than DirectX11(default). To do this, navigate to the location where the Engine is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\[version#]\Engine\Binaries\Win64). Create a shortcut for UE4Editor.exe in that folder. Right click the shortcut and bring up it’s properties. In the Target field, enter -opengl or -d3d10 to the end of the field (outside of the quotation marks). Hit apply and then launch the shortcut. This can also be done with the command line if you feel more comfortable with that.

In the long run though, I’d suggest a more powerful laptop with discrete graphics or a Desktop rig for development purposes.