Editor Camera Caps Turning during Sim?

When flying around the level before clicking simulation everything works as expected. However, once simulation begins (without possessing pawn) the camera seems to become limited in how far it can turn in one go.

The exact behavior is while holding right click I can rotate X degrees away from where I first pressed right click. X Appears to be about 45 degrees.

If I turn until the limit, release right click, hold right click, I can continue turning another 45 degrees.

To do a 180 I have to repeat this 4 times…

How can I turn this off?

What blueprint/c++ template are you using (if any)?
Have you added any inputs or other code in blueprint/c++?

We might need a little more information with regards to this in order to help you. I have not experienced what you are experiencing.

I’ve not touched blueprints, nor am I using any templates. I’ve not yet touched input either.

I’m not sure how simulation works but I started with a blank c++ project and went from there.

There are two cameras in my scene, one I spawn and control and the other has been spawning (when i start sim) there since the beginning of the project. I havent worked out how to get rid of the second ><

I downloaded the release version of the engine off git, created a new project from one of the c++ templates and STILL this issue persists.

Keeping in mind this is when flying around without possessing the pawn.