Editor and gamepads

I have a Dualshock 4 that I’d like to test my project with, but the game doesn’t seem to get any input from it. I’ve tried using x360ce in case only 360 controllers are supported, but without any luck. Are PC gamepads currently supported in the engine and editor? Any help is appreciated!

I know for sure the 360 controller works on plug and play, but I think the DualShock 4 needs some setting up or extra plugins I believe as it has a slightly different setup process to a normal 360 with plug and play.

Xbox360 Controller works out of the box. Nothing to setup there. Is your Dualshock Controller working in other games?

We certainly test with controller, if Windows knows about it, then Unreal should work with it. Could you post the exact problem on the Answer Hub so we can try and reproduce it here?

I’ve successfully used x360ce for other programs that require a 360 controller, so I guess my problem is finding the right directory to put it. I’ll keep trying!