Editing values of components inherited from a blueprint

Hey guys,

I’ve had a look around but haven’t been able to find an answer for this. I have a Blueprint which has a root SceneComponent and an attached StaticMeshComponent. I then have a child Blueprint which was created using the first blueprint as a base/parent (“Create Blueprint based on this”). When I select the inherited Static Mesh Component on the child Blueprint, the details panel is empty and I have no way of setting the mesh. Is there an extra step needed to make the parent mesh value over-writable?


Okay in typical fashion, I think I found the answer shortly after asking. For anyone interested you need to add a StaticMesh variable to the blueprint, which can be set independently in child classes, then set the StaticMeshComponent to use that StaticMesh variable in the construction script. In the ContentExamples project there’s a BP_Pickup_Parent blueprint I missed first time around that shows this.