Editing texture opacity - Minecraft textures

Add a Lerp (hold down L and left mouseclick), put the cracks into the A-slot.
Put a value of 1 into the B slot of the lerp.
Now in the alpha, you can use a scalar (Hold down S & left click)
Plug the lerp into the B of that multiply.

Now play with that Scalar.
0 = cracked, 1 = not cracked. (or other way around)

I’m playing around with texturing minecraft style blocks in the texture editor. I want to be able to increase and decrease the opacity of the cracking texture - this way I can add code to make the cracks slowly fade in as the player breaks the block down.

So how can I change the circled texture sample’s opacity? As you can see the texture is very cracked, how can I fade the cracking in or out?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you, I appreciate it more than you know! :slight_smile: