Editing blueprint defaults while editing

So I have recently upgraded our Engine from 4.5 to 4.8 to try and get up to date. All seems fine, however I am now missing the ability to run my game in the editor, open up a blueprint and change its default values easily. In the 4.8 release notes, I found - “Fixed a bug that would let you modify a Blueprint’s defaults while playing in the Editor.” To me though, this was useful, as I could run my game and position some of my HUD variables correctly on the screen by changing the numbers and watching them fit correctly where I needed them (I created the HUD elements before UMG ect).

There was a question asked on Answer Hub about this here, but this solution doesn’t really help as I can edit the values but if I want to then set the new values to the default ones, my blueprint tells me that there are over 10x more changed than I made (due to some default values being changed in C++ as well I assume) which I don’t want to overwrite and there is also a crash as the game is constantly ticking and trying to update this blueprint when I try and set the defaults. Is there any way I can access and change the defaults while the game runs in the editor or does anyone know of a way to undo the ‘bug’ fix in 4.8 so I can change these values like I used to be able to?