Editing Animation Doesn't Fix the Retargeted Skeleton Animation

So I was using the Starter Anim Pack off the store and edited an animation to better suit the new skeleton I re-targeted from the Mixamo Pack.
The animation edited fine, but I applied and compiled it to the character and it still looks the exact same. Any fixes for this?

What I want:

What it looks like:

best thing would be to make a quick video clip of what it is verses what it should be. Sounds like a problem that comes from having different skeletons. The Mixamo character pack uses a different skeleton than the UE4 Skeleton and the UE4 Export option they offer on their site.

So just because I edited and it works in persona doesn’t mean its going to look like that in engine?

I would say yeah, but it’s hard to say without seeing it in action. If you have 2 skeletons with different bones or even different names, you’re going to see some issues even if you edit it. I would say take whatever character you want to use and import it to the Mixamo site and find the animation there to get the animation retargeted properly for the rig. Otherwise you’ll get that error. Then you can take that new animation, import it, and edit it to your liking.