Edited and Saved Blueprints dont reflect the changes

I have modified blueprints in the HUD demo, but the game continues to play as if I had made no changes.

Is there some additional thing I need to do to force the changes to be active?


I just try to do modifications in BP_HUD_Example and it worked. What did you change and in which blueprint ?

I am learning by modifying the UI Inventory FPS example.

I noticed the projectile would disappear after a few seconds, so I worked hard to make it last. I edited the MyProjectile blueprint to remove the DestroyActor block. Then in the Fire blueprint I modified the Delay duration block from 20 seconds to 40 seconds. The projectile still disappeared, and with no noticeably longer delay. Then in the Fire blueprint I removed the Deactivate and the DestroyActor blocks, and I compiled and saved, but the projectile still disappears.

How is the projectile disappearing? I have explored every nook and cranny I can find in the project, but there must still be something that kills the projectile. Sometimes I can see two, if I fire quickly, but the previous one is dematerialized before the current one dies.

How does this magic work?

If you refer to the shooter game, i suppose that the trouble is that a part of this project is c++ and this is what makes you enable to make changes. If you are stuck, you’d better try fps project for projectile basis and explore content example maps and the tutorial for umg inventory.

how can I tell that a C++ component is involved? I don’t mind tracing this down to the ultimate assembly opcode. Where in the hierarchy of the project does it hint that a C++ function is being called? There must be another window into the project that I can’t see yet…

It is the Inventory UI with UMG demo project, made from blueprints, not the C++ version. The projectile is created when the gun is fired, and it should not disappear once I removed those parts of the blueprint. There must be something else destroying it. Any suggestions?

I broke the connection (circled in red) but the projectile would still disappear.
Now I set the Initial Life Span (circled in green) to zero, and the projectile stays.