Editable Text component interaction in 3D widget will freeze the entire app. Confirmations?

Hello there UE community,

I’ve been trying to implement a text input solution in our Daydream app. The 3D widget through UMG solution works like a charm when testing on windows. It only has a slight problem. It will freeze the entire app when I click on it while packaged as an apk and running it on my Pixel XL.

This issue occurs when using any type of “editable text” component, such as Editable Text, Editable Text(multi-line) and Text Box(multi-Line) while non editable ones like Text causes no issue at all.

I am using 4.13-googlevr engine, and the UMG style is set up as stated in this documentation:

My question is:
Anyone have the same problem? Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?
If so is there any work-around to it?

Thank you in advance.