Edit variables through editor controls

I am trying to make a launch pad blueprint class which launches the user in the direction of an arrow (a component), with the arrow direction as an instance variable. I have accomplished this by adding a rotator variable for the launch direction and applying this to the arrow in the construction script via the SetRelativeRotation function.

Currently, this variable may only be set by entering values on the class blueprint instance. I would like to set this variable by rotating the arrow component with the editor controls. I am able to do this for the class blueprint (through the blueprint editor), but would like to be able to do it for instances (through the level editor). Is this possible?

Thanks for your response! To clarify: I don’t want to rotate the whole actor, just the arrow component of the actor.

I have figured out how to edit components of a blueprint class instance. Clicking in the scene will not select them; however, they may be selected in the details panel, and edited from there.