Edit Inherited Components in BP Without Saving Reference in Actor C++

Hi All,

I have run into a bit of a problem with my setup and I am wondering if it is possible to fix.

I have a custom C++ pawn class

In CPP constructor:

  1. It creates a static mesh as root
  2. Then 4 (custom) truck spring
    components where each of them get
    attached to the root component
  3. Then for each spring it creates a
    child static mesh for the wheels.

Ideally I want to set the static mesh for each wheel & the body in the BP but I can’t get the component properties to appear in the BP. I’ve obviously read up on storing a pointer to the created property and have UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly) modifier on them… but to do this for each of the spring components AND each of their wheels does not feel right.

Is there any way to overcome this issue?



For what it’s worth, there doesn’t seem to be any way of doing this without storing a pointer reference to each component in the actor class.

In the end I ditched the idea of AddDefaultSubobject and creating & attaching the components in my C++ code and went with manually adding and setting up the components and their properties in the blueprint.