Edit CharacterMovement


In my custom GameMode, I have the Default Pawn Class set to a blueprint that inherits from the Character class. I’m wondering if there’s any way to edit the Blueprints and default properties for this Character class. Or is it all hard-coded in C++?

You can change their properties but you can’t delete or replace any of the default components afaik (in most cases you shouldn’t have to anyway).

If you hover over the component, and it says native component, then yes, it’s hardcoded and you can’t change their relationships.
But you can derive from it and modify properties like TK-Master said.

Is that to say that the mechanics and properties of the Character class are exclusive to its C++ hardcoding, or would it be theoretically possible to replicate that behavior using only Blueprint?

For example, I imagine some kind of collision detection or ray casting is done to check if the player is touching a ground surface before being able to jump, to prevent jumping from simply colliding with any surface such as walls. Are these sorts of features exposed to Blueprint? This is out of curiosity.

You sure could! But it’s a lot of work and I’ve run into some odd problems (like my capsule getting stuck on the ground and ‘falling over’), but I’m sure with some clever blueprinting, you’d be on your way!)

We are going to continue to make CharacterMovement more flexible. 4.2 will include a ‘CanJump’ function inside Character which you can implement to control when a Character can jump, to let you do things like double jump.