Edge backlight on all sharp edges

Firstly, I’m sorry for my english. I’m not so good at it.
If I say something wrong, then please tell me about it.
I will explain in more detail or correct what I have already written.

And now I would like to ask those who have encountered this.
Blender has a specific display mode for models.
it’s called “Cavity”. I have attached an example on screenshot from blender.

So, I would like to understand how I can achieve the same or the most similar result in the UE.
I have already tried working with postprocess, but I didn’t get exactly what I would like.
In short, I got the highlight going beyond the edges of the mesh and it did not weaken with the distance of the camera from the object.
This made my meshes on distance look like a piece of glowing random lines.

Can anyone tell me how to make the “highlight” effect of the edges like it is done in blender?
Or at least suggest the direction in which I should look for information.

I know that this can be done by baking lines like this onto a texture.
This option is not suitable for me because it will require a very large amount of work (I have a lo-o-ot of meshes).
Therefore, I really hope that there is a solution that will allow me to do this using material, post-process, or a combination of both.

Thank you all for your helpful comments and your time!