Easiest way to use Mixamo character/animation?

What’s the easiest way to use a Mixamo character and animation from their website so that it functions as intended in ue4?

Tried importing a character and animation earlier it looks completely horribly distorted!

I go from mixamo to 3dsmax, edit the anim in 3dsmax and then from 3dsmax into unreal. But yeah a long that chain there is a ton of things that can and will go wrong.

is there a way without having to resort to 3rd party software?

Not sure I have never tried going directly from Mixamo to Unreal. If it is a fbx seems like it should work. But the 3d software is what lets you trial and error your way to success. Unless you are doing a mock up of a game it’s going to be pretty difficult to avoid 3d software altogether. The only suggestion that comes to mind is when you import the animation there is a little box that sais “Use Default Sample Rate”. Try clicking that, for some reason Unreal 4.18 imports animations funny if that box isn’t ticked.

ah ok thanks for that, last year when I used mixamo it went straight in no problems from their site into ue4 no 3dm package needed thats what was so sweet about it