Easiest Way to model a real place into UE4. Convert university campus into Unreal

I am currently creating a game for my university. I have to model my entire university into unreal.

I was curious of how would you guys go about doing this?

Currently I am planning on creating a huge cube in ue4 and texturing one side with an google maps image of my campus. Then using that as a map to place builing, roads and other features on it.
But is there faster/smarter way to convert a real place into unreal?

Hi Tan,

The answer for this depends on what you have available for software and your skill set with that software, what your intended time-frame is for this project, and the visual fidelity you’re wanting to have for this project.

Personally I would start by blocking out everything with BSP/Geometry meshes for my initial phase. I would turn those into Static Meshes and export them to 3Ds Max (my personal preference, although Maya and Blender are good alternatives) where I would add more detail and make my UVs and lightmaps. Once completed and happy with my models I would reimport them into UE4 and start placing my meshes for the layout.

If you’re looking for simple models and design workflow, in this situation I would recommend Sketchup as a Viable alternative for it’s ability to create simple geometry.

Again, a lot of this depends on a number of factors and how much time will be put into this. If it’s a large University and you’re trying to be detailed it will be a lot of modeling that will take up a good portion of time.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions related to this if you have them. :slight_smile: