Easier dedicated server implementation

I just spent the last few days trying to get a dedicated server working on the first person starter project and man can I say it is super difficult and convoluted to get setup. You go from simply clicking package app to downloading the source for the editor, compiling it, adding a class to your BP project, adding a new target manually and then after all that your project now takes 10 times longer to package every time you package it. All to get an executable that runs your game headless.

Meanwhile you can do so many other simply super complex things (at least from my perspective) like fracturing meshes with a click of a button.

I know the editor has a “dedicated server” that seems to launch a headless version of my game that the other players connect to but Im not sure thats the same thing but it seems like it should be just that easy for when you are package your app too.

Maybe someone with a little more technical knowledge in the process can explain a little bit why it’s that way? It’s just a very frustrating process at this point and in the end you can spend several hours setting up for it and then it not work because you missed 1 step in the 500 steps the wiki page has you go through to do it.