Earth Shader / Asset Live-Stream [Mobile Version]

Some of you may know I’m working on a Satellite-based game for Mobile at the moment (target iOS and Android). I set about today creating a mobile-ready version of my insanely high resolution earth asset for PC, with a much more simplified shader.

The results were pretty good and it ran without any problems (just under 30 frames on an Xperia Z3 Compact - so some room for improvement, but I was using 24 2K textures for this asset alone). I showed the entire creation process from start-to-finish, and I know planet shaders are something people have struggled to get looking good for cheap for a while, so you can watch and create your own version! We also make an Atmosphere Shader for day/night side and a approximate surface scattering (and this is for mobile!)

What I didn’t show was how to generate the textures and meshes that I created for the asset, but we may release this asset in the future post-release, so keep your eyes peeled! The stream is silent I’m afraid, but you can listen to whatever music you want then :wink:

Any questions, post in the thread and I’ll answer!