Each new version and more crashes

I have found with each new version it cashes more and more doing mundane tasks, when I creating a material I now get random crashes with 4.18, not all the time but enough to get annoyed, it never used to happen as much if at all, but it getting worst and worst, so much so that I almost have to save after each task out of fear alone, I don’t have a slow PC so its not that, but its just the giving me the …,

  • changing textures in a material instance
  • moving thing with in sub folders even though it has no references at all
  • crating material and dragging textures in to them
  • other random times
    and deleting things, oh my, it is cross your fingers and hope

these are just this week, I haven’t gone into other projects to see what is happing there.

There is a fix coming 4.18.1 and there appears to be a ton of fixes. Check out the commits here:

I’ve been using 4.18 branch with the .1 fixes and i’ve not had many crashes…