Dynamically loading large chunks of Data async

Hey guys,

I’m currently facing a problem that I can’t seem to solve on my own and would be grateful for any feedback from this awesome community! :slight_smile:

The problem I’m trying to face is, that I have to load a huge alembic file (An animated mesh, about 10GB) into Unreal. As 10GB is too much for any computer, I decided to break the file down into smaller chunks of about 500 MB and dynamically load these chunks one after another at runtime (To achieve some kind of basic-streaming).

However, I can’t really figure out how I could load these files async without making the engine freeze for several seconds.
I tried using the “load asset async” node, but it still freezes the engine.

Does anybody of you maybe have an idea how I could “stream” this data into the engine, without lag?

Thanks in advance:


Honestly - if your alembic file is like 10GB then you are doing something wrong… It’s like trying to pull a 100 ton whale onto a pickup - in whole or pieces - this just won’t work…