Dynamically bending joint chain with movement

I have a character with a 5 joint chain for a ponytail. I’m trying to have the ponytail dynamically bend with the character’s movement, kinda like in this video. I originally tried it with the Physics Asset Tool, but it gave me unpredictable results no matter what changes I make with the variables. I’ve been searching for answers on how to do something like this, but I can’t tell if it hasn’t been asked yet, or I’m a terrible Google searcher.

EDIT: Some detail on what I’ve tried

This is the joint chain I’m using for the ponytail. I used angular limits on the chain so it doesn’t flail around. But when simulating it, the chain will bounce and jitter without stopping. One solution I found was activating sub stepping, it fixed the bouncing but not the jitter. I tested the chain without any angular limits to see what it looked like and noticed it was slightly stretching like a rubber band, which I found odd since linear movement are locked. I then lock all angular movement too and notice that the chain seems like it’s being weighed down by the last joint despite it being the lightest. The chain will not only rotate, but also stretch despite all movement being locked. I have tried using position and orientation drive, it does not move the joints at all. I tried increasing damping, which gives incredibly unnatural movement. I tried moving the center of mass and the beginning of the joint, then later and the end of the joint instead of between joints, both of which made it worse. I even tried decreasing the weight of the end joints, increasing the weight of the joints higher in the chain, and even setting the weight of the last 2 or 3 joints to 0 and still get the exact same results. It just seems like the parent joints can’t hold up the weight of it’s children despite them weighing almost nothing in comparison.