Dynamic tree and plant generator tree.tree_C

Hello, my name is Marc and I have a little problem. I bought the dynamic tree and plant generator at the marketplace and yes everything worked fine.
I placed about 200 actors on my level and an error occured that an infinite loop was detected. I clicked on the name of the blueprint in the error-message called something like ubergraph tree.tree_c, I changed something although a notice warned me not to change anything and yes the error didn’t showed up anymore. Looks great, but another problem occured.
Now all of my trees look like a little bit peculiar, because only on the lowest part of the trees the branches are growing. The problem occurs in every tree (also the tree_presets and all other).
Also the problem occurs in every old and new project although I have imported the content once again with the old settings in my projects.

Perhaps someone can help me with this problem, because I can’t find the folder or the blueprint where I did the change.

Thanks a lot,
with best regards
Yours Marc