Dynamic SubUV Texture on Mobile

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I am trying to create some button materials from a subUV texture. Everything seems to be working perfectly on both the mobile preview and desktop preview but when I transfer it to the actual device (Shield Tablet) my frame defaults to 0 even if the default is set to 1 or 2. Zak Parrish told me to try moving the UVs of the mesh around instead of moving masked frames which might seem like a better approach, but this might be a bug since it works fine on the desktop.

here is a detailed link of the Material

I had same problem with subuv function on my mobile game project. Subuv function has a significant error in floating point arithmatic.
But I have resolved this issue. You would find the solution in Tappy chicken. On that the author does not use subuv function. Instead he made similar function.
You would better use his approach on the material of chicken sprites. Remember that subuv is a kind of material function. We could override it with our own.
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Hey RyanGadz -

I would set up the math as follows:

The Frame Control will be how you go from 0 to .99 (1 is an error because it loops back to 0). The U and V Control is setting the number of frames for each row and each column.

Here is an example of the setup in action:

Thank You

Eric Ketchum