Dynamic shadows quality lowers at very short a distances

There’s been a lot of threads on this, and I’ve gone through every single one that I could dig out of google. I’ve found no useful information for getting around this.

I have tried every combination of dynamic shadow settings I could imagine. No matter the dynamic shadow distance, distribution exponent, number of shadow cascades, etc, nothing stops dynamic shadows from LODing way too hard. You either get a choice of the above where you lose some details way too quickly for them to ever be useful and instead get some poorly defined shadows on objects, but still get halfway decent shadows cast on the ground over a reasonably large distance, or you can maintain all the details, except all the shadows disappear in an extremely short distance which is just totally worthless.

I realize dynamic shadows are not cheap, but I just can’t imagine how shadows that cut their quality down so quickly is useful to anybody. I have plenty of performance headroom in my project, is there any way to just increase the resources available for dynamic shadows so that I can maintain the details over a reasonable distance so it’s not super obvious when they fade out?

I’ve already tried basically every r.shadow console command that looks remotely relevant, and aside from ( r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold ) most of them either don’t appear to do anything at all, or are for unrelated purposes.