Dynamic shadows not being cast on to foilage

Hi everyone,

I’ve run in to a problem. I have a fully dynamic (movable) sky light. I’ve placed some grass on to the terrain using foliage painter however the grass that lays in an area which is covered by a shadow does not get darker. The terrain under the grass gets darker but the grass remains the same colour which doesn’t look nice at all. (See screenshot) Shadows are cast on to all other objects not placed through the foliage painter correctly.

I’ve Googled around, some people say its a bug that was meant to be fixed in 4.3, some people say enable this and that but nothing seems to work.

Is this a bug? Is something wrong with my material? Are some settings wrong? Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

if u are using foliage tool, then set instances to these

and make sure that u haven’t disabled any cast shadow option of mesh!