dynamic shadow distance stationary light

Hi all,

At first i built lighting with dynamic shadow distance stationary set to zero,

but i wanted to see my cubes (Tetris game : movable objects) shadow, so i set this parameter to 8000 and it worked. The issue is that it ruins a bit the lighting of my static objects.

Is it possible that dynamic shadow distance stationary only affects movable objects ?

As long as your movable objects have CastShadow enabled, they will cast a shadow and fit in with the precomputed shadows from the Stationary light. You do not have to enable Cascaded Shadow Maps (which is what setting Dynamic Shadow Distance > 0 does).

Hi, but after building lighting there was a shadow for my movable objects onbly at a rather close distance (i had to zoom in with the camera) that’s why i increased Dynamic Shadow Distance stationnaryLight parameter. Is there another way ?