Dynamic Point Light for mobile

Normally ue4.9 allows up to 4 dynamic point lights for mobile

but i didn’t succeed to implement it. I try static point light, stationary point light, moveable point light but it’s always dark on mobile ( working on windows ).
I have also add a precomputedvisibility volume, a light mass importance volume without success
Did you have a exemple showing how to implement it ?


Not sure why it isn’t working for you, I’ve got it working (in 4.10 and the 4.11 preview). Have you tried to run in editor using mobile preview? or just on a mobile device? If it works in the editor preview that’s a good sign that everything would be setup correctly and there might be some kind of device compatibility issue. You’ll need to have the light set to stationary or moveable. Have you also tried to create a new blank project to see if it works in there, just in case something funny has happened with your project settings?

Just so you’re aware that currently point lights don’t cast dynamic shadows which is a bit of a pain. I’ve posted a feature request on answer hub in the hopes this get some focus.

THanks a lot, I will try