Dynamic mesh in a building game.

Hi all,

Sorry if the question has already been answered. I search trough the forums, but I’m not sure I’m using the right words :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to make a building system similar to Planetbase :

  • Player places rooms (circular in my example but I guess shape does not matter)
  • Rooms can be linked together with a corridor
  • Walls become doors where a corridor meets a room, so that people can move from one room to another

These are the main problems I encounter :

  • I don’t know how long the corridor between two room will actually be before placing the building
  • How can I “transform” a part of my room mesh so that a wall become a door.

I’m quite new to the engine, so I don’t know all the possibilities regarding this need. Still I came up with the following plan :

  • The “room” is not a single circular static mesh, it is instead an instanced static mesh.
  • The instanced static mesh uses a “slice” mesh with a wall as default
  • Wherever I need a door, I replace the wall part by a door part.

I joined a picture showing the two slice types.

My problem comes with placement. Because the player can place buildings anywhere, the angle will almost never be optimal for my door placement using this trick (see second joined picture).

Do you know of another technique that could address my need ? Or maybe am I missing something with my current technique that could make it work ?
I saw a post about runtime mesh generation but it’s quite scary from my noobie perspective :slight_smile:

Any insight will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading