Dynamic Menu for calling a Mesh

Hi all,

Not sure how to explain it, that is also why I couldn’t find another topic out there…

Hope this explains it enough. This is what I have.

I have a ‘Main_Menu’ where I you have 3 buttons (Bed, Table, Couch). Right now if you click on one of those (lets say bed) the button pulls that specific bed blueprint (A main MasterBed_BP contains the specific Bed_BP) and adds a transparent material so you can move it around and choose a spot where to place it, once you click where you want it, another menu pop up, a Construction_Menu (hiding the Main_Menu), that menu has a rotate buttons, a move button (to move again) and a Place button, where it calls the actual mesh and places it onto the scene as “finished”… after that you can click on it and get a specifications menu where it gives you info of the bed and you can delete the bed.

Now this is what I’m trying to do.

I have several beds, and several couches and so forth. But I don’t want a menu where I have hundreds of buttons. I want my Main_Menu to remain with only 3 buttons, and once you pick the bed (for example) you place it, and then you get the Construction_Menu, I’m trying to figure out how can I pop a new menu there where all the different “lines” of beds are, and within those, the different beds on each “line”.
I think I have to call the MasterBed_BP, and with that I can link a menu that would give me the option to choose within the child BP inside it… Maybe even MasterBed_BP → ModernBed_BP → KingSize_BP??

Main_Menu, you click Bed → Calls for MasterBed_BP, you pick a spot to place → Construction_Menu gives you the different beds, while you click on them the “preview” (transparent model) changes so you can see the different options, once you like one you click on “Place” → calls the mesh (with the proper textures and all) and places it where the “preview” was.

Or is there a way of having all of the “Modern beds” in one blueprint and with an ENUM select the specific mesh?

I’m only thinking about the logic I feel I could use, but I don’t really know how to do it yet…

Please, any help in greatly appreciated… Thank you in advance!

Best Regards