Dynamic Material for landscape issue


I’m trying to change a scalar perimeter within the material applied to my landscape using a time line, Usually I would set up a dynamic material and apply it to the actor or component but I cant seam to do this for a Landscape. Is their a way to set this up either trough applying a dynamic material instance or directly adjusting the scalar parameter in the Material already applied to a Landscape at runtime? if not how would I convert the landscape into a static mesh so I can apply a dynamic material to it?


I just discovered Material parameter collections, I’m gonna try and figure out how they work But at first glance it seams that they might be useful for driving perimeters in multiple materials and I hope that it will be applicable to landscape materials too.

Material parameter collections work a treat and also make things a whole lot more efficient when changing a parameter on a lot of actors using the same material, in comparison to setting up a dynamic material and applying it to each individual actor.

If any one else has this issue, I found these references really useful: