Dynamic Inventory and 3d widgets.

I’ve posted this question on AnswerHub, but never got a answer and its been a week now. I would like to find out why this isn’t working.

I have made a dynamic Inventory system and have check if it was working with a Add to Viewport.


So it is working, Because this game is for VR I’m needing it to be a 3d widget and have gamepad support. I have implemented the gamepad support and it works no problem. But when I make it a 3d widget the Inventory widget shows but not the dynamic items in the inventory.


As you can see nothing is visible in the inventory 3d widget. Considering that to get the inventory system to be able to work with a gamepad I have to place the inventory button widget into the scroll box and make a array of them the then add data to them and set color and opacity as a visual reference for the player to see which item in the inventory is selected. Here is my inventory system BP

Inventory Designer

Inventory Graph

I know this system works with the gamepad as I have this setup for the main menu. here is my main menu bp

Main Menu Designer

Main Menu Graph

In Game as 3d Widget

Any help to get the inventory items to show will help as its been annoying me for the past week.

Also for those whom are interested in gamepad menu system and inventory setup. I work out this 3d widget situation, then I will complete the menu system and release it for free.

Ill be here waiting to get it. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a Idea

I fixed the problem with the Dynamic Inventory system showing in the 3d widget


I had to create a event to on button pressed to open Inventory it would run the code.