Dynamic Grass System

Hello, Im buyed this for my game because so good. But i want a ask; How to shake(wavy) grass? I created the black hole. But how reality for grass shake blueprint… I sended email by yoichi****** (Newbie)

For some reason I didn’t get any notification about this forum reply, but I got your email and answered you. I’ll send you more info about your requested new feature today. Cheers!

Breaking news: Dynamic Grass System is on sale right now :slight_smile:

We picked it up and are loving it… I do have a quick question, if we wanted to make the grass stay flattened after someone has walked over it for a longer period of time, say 30-45 seconds, how would we do that? We want people to be able to create trails essentially that only revert to the default state after a while so that other players can track them.

You can set it individually for each grass type. In your grass component just increase the Un Deform Duration when Trampled parameter. It’s under the Interaction Reaction parameter section.

I am getting a loop call stack issue when generating grass via the “p” button.
I dont get this when making a tiny area, is there a limitation on size per spawn location?

Please try this, it should fix any loop issues:

your right, i forgot i saw that, ugh, sorry about that !

Update for 4.19 is already being processed by Epic, it should appear soon. Along with 4.19 compatibility, there is a small update/clean-up:

  • New demo map character controls, without the need to set up InputAxis manually.
  • Cleaned up Details panel by hiding unnecessary default UE variable categories.
  • Added some tips in documentation map regarding Color Map regeneration.
  • Replaced deprecated functions to remove log warnings.
  • Improved project folder structure to avoid potential too long directory path problems.

Thank you for creating this, it’s a great asset! I purchased it and have spent about 40 hours so far trying to get it working for my project. Based on that I wanted to make a couple of requests:

Could you please add a “doNotBend” instance editable parameter for INTERACTIVE_FoliageComp_BP? I did this locally and seem to have it working, but being able to specify that foliage should not be pitched at all is important because many foliage assets are large and spread out, so they do not look good at all when pitched. (I tried setting trample and bend away angle to zero, but then the foliage was set to ZERO pitch instead of retaining it’s original pitch, which wasn’t good)

The larger issue I spent most of my time on may be a bug. In INTERACTIVE_FoliageComp_BP, under “BackToOriginalTransform” where it is adding to the array “Instances to Back to Original” the start transform it is getting from “Get Instance Transform” is bad, specifically it has a rotation of (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) regardless of what the foliage instances actual rotation was. I got it “working” (i.e., doing what I wanted) by using the “Array Element Target Transform” (from the for each loop just after the BackToOriginalTransform event) as the “Start Transform” for everything added to the “Instances to Back to Original” array.

I did some looking but couldn’t find what was setting the instance’s rotation to 0,0,0, or if there was something wrong with the way it was being retrieved. I’m definitely curious to know where the 0,0,0 is coming from. I’m not sure how my fix will handle various edge conditions, so if you could fix this I would very much appreciate it! (You can repro by printing the 0,0,0 rotation I mentioned above)

@faetell Hello, I didn’t get any notification regarding your post here, sorry for the late reply.

Sure, this could be a useful option, I’ll add that soon.

As for the issue: Yes, it may be a UE bug with the GetInstanceTransform node, but I’m not sure, I’ll investigate that. So using the Array Element Start Transform instead seems like a good fix.
I can’t reproduce that in a clean demo scene though (I guess that some conditions need to be met, maybe an instance that is half-way from start to target transform, when player interacts with it…? Not sure.)

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Dynamic Grass System: New update for 4.26 & 4.27 is now available!
This update is a big overhaul of the internal systems, to make it much more optimized, flexible and better looking. Before updating, please make a backup of your project.

  • New demo .exe available for download (link in the product description)
  • Greatly optimized interaction system
  • Improved interaction effects
  • New interaction parameters
  • Optimized default grass shader
  • Simplified internal logic
  • Optimized the initial chunking process (faster loading times)
  • Added more options to the grass material, to ease the process of using custom meshes
  • Tuned to work with the Lumen system without issues
  • The 4.26 version is compatible with UE5 EA

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