Dynamic Grass System


Full feature list & starter guide: DynamicGrassSystem-StarterGuide.docx.pdf - Google Drive

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


That is some nice grass, if it works as well as the video I am going to buy
how much

very interesting

It looks really good. But I got one question. I find the wind and grass movement abit unrealistic and some grass looks like they sticked to each other so they move with the wind at the same time.

No offense btw. It looks amazing and I do plan to buy it already, but I was wondering if we can change/“fix” parameters of wind and change the grass? ^^

Thanks, it should work exactly the same, until you modify it to your liking :slight_smile: It will be $49.99.

Yes, it’s a system that allows to use your own grass meshes. It’s also possible to modify wind look in the material, by e.g. changing its radius, speed and normal map (the wind waves are defined by normal map texture and you change change it via parameters) - or by modifying the grass material itself. This way you can achieve more ‘jagged’ wind distribution - by default it’s stylized to achieve visible wind waves. The default wind effect depends on material displacement, so you can even replace it with your own (just copy/paste from your material).
… So you can totally use your own grass and your own wind effect with the system :slight_smile:

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Nice work, quick question; How easy will it be to add callbacks for when grass is cut down? (For example, increase player health 10% every time they harvest from a particular type of grass)

Incredible work, I look forward to seeing this on the marketplace, no doubt it’ll be accepted!


This… this is amazing. I’ll definitely be buying this! Would the impulse etc be compatible with your dynamic tree generator?

This looks fantastic. Is there any multiplayer support included? How is deformation stored?

The special interactive foliage component has a ‘Cut’ function that takes instance index and Z-scale of cutting (so you can e.g. ‘cut’ half by setting it to 0.5 or cut near ground by setting to 0.1). Example grass cutter actor takes all instances in specified radius and performs the ‘Cut’ function on them, individually for each foliage type - so you can definitely add some checks there, e.g. if you cut ‘FlowerOfHealth’ foliage type, then increase your health. You can even add variable & store health amount in component separately for every foliage type, but of course the way of expanding the system is all up to you :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Impulse actor has different logic there, specific to the Dynamic Grass System. By default, impulse effect is performed by spawning ‘Impulse’ actor e.g. by a bomb. If you have both the tree & grass system, you can just spawn both of these Impulse actors, one for grass and one for trees and it will work.

Thanks! I don’t have multiplayer experience, so nothing out of the box yet - I tried to create the logic in clean & understandable way to make it expandable-friendly, but I don’t know how hard it would be to add network replication. Temporary material deformation is stored ofc in GPU, and the rest (like the bend-away effect that leaves a ‘trail’ behind player) is stored directly in hierarchical instanced static meshes of foliage components. Deformation is performed by optimized (auto-chunked foliage areas, auto-optimized update interval, etc.) *UpdateInstanceTransform *function. So every instance transform can be obtained via *GetInstanceTransform *function of specified foliage component.

Thanks Slavq, looking forward to picking this up.

Very, Very, Very Good!!!

Soon I will have all your assets in my collection, and I sure want this one.

want now plz <3

(looks great)

Thanks! My submission has been approved 11 days ago, I’m still waiting for Epic’s response regarding release date. I’ll let you know here as soon as I have any info.

Update: The system will be available on December 7th! :slight_smile:

ok, i just found both of your assets and ****, get ready for +2 sales. Just need to save some dough. Really going to help us out with level design.

This looks really awesome! Nice work! I’ve been looking for a grass system that does well on performance and also responds to character movement and dynamic impulses. Going to look at picking this up for later projects!

Dynamic Grass System has been released and it’s available on the Marketplace!

-solved- thanks for the help!