dynamic character in a baked environment (volumetric light samples not accounting for occlusion)?

Hi all,

I ran into an issue when integrating a dynamic, talking character in an environment of baked lighting.
When the character is standing in front of a window inside a room where the room lighting is all static and baked, the baked volumetric light samples (VLM) would affect the dynamic character accordingly and I observe proper light fall-off on his face. The issue is when the character opens mouth to talk, the gum, teeth, and tongue are affected/lit by the volumetric light samples as if there is no shadowing or occlusion from the surrounding geometry. It results in over-exposed gum, teeth, and tongue where their materials are properly look-deved and balanced for dynamic lighting rigs.

How would you typically solve this issue or do I miss something?

A) bake occlusion into mouth, gum, and tongue textures?
B) screen space occlusion?

I am hoping to not go either of the above route and solve it in lighting.

Simply, baked lighting is a nightmare. Your best option is, unfortunately as far as i know, going stationary+csm or putting it in diffuse/specular/etc.

Yeah, that’s what I was concerning. Stationary lights are probably not an option for me for performance reason and I am trying best to not touch the materials for consistency.

You’re not going to get good lighting for dynamic objects if all you’re using is static lights and trying to rely on the volumetric lightmaps.

There are character light-rig with dynamic lights. I am trying to address the issue that came with baked lighting on the character, particularly inside of the mouth.