Dynamic Blueprint inside Blueprint


Is there a way to include a Blueprint inside a Blueprint which can dynamicly be changed? I have seen the CildActorComponent, but It isn’t really good for my use since you can’t change the class inside of it you can only get it.
Even If I wanted to Add a ChildActor on the fly I still can’t from the Node dynamicly use a specific Class to Add as a ChildActor, it has to be predetermined and I have to at the moment have a lot of different Add ChildActorComponent Nodes each with a different purpose and have to check an ID or something to use the correct one, which can really be a pain.
Is there a more simple way to do so or any other possibility to change the Class from a ChildActorComponent?

There isn’t a way to have a blueprint inside a blueprint. You can however spawn a blueprint in during runtime that is attached to the blueprint that spawned it. You can then set the variables of the spawned blueprint to what ever you like.

Hope this helps.