Dynamic Animations setup on diffrent meshes

Hi guys,

I would like to apply AnimDynamics on my cloth meshes. Problem is that every cloth mesh is somewhat unique and requires different bones (which our skeleton does not have). My idea was to create separate AnimationBluePrint(skeleton in this case would be extension of the main skeleton, for example: ponytail) and let them drive the dynamics of the “floppy parts”(ponytail, shoulders, cape, …). Problem is that when I SetMasterPosecomponent on the main mesh, the ABPs of the individual cloth parts are overriten and don’t seem to run anymore. So is there a way to get this working? Im thinking that maybe I can achieve the effect by getting the bone transform from the main skeleton and then apply them on bones that have skinning on the mesh + apply anim dynamics on the dedicated bones. However, this seems like an overkill and Im sure that someone was dealing with similar problem. Have I missed something? Is there a native way to do this with basic skeleton or does the skeleton have to include bones for all possible cloth combinations ??

A very interesting question, im also still trying to figure out how to go about a very similar problem (basically the same as you, except that some bones from the different clothes will have their own anim exported as fbx which needs to sync).

For your particular issue it might be worth having a look at the newest addition, the post-processing blueprints for animation which allow to you add animDynamics and such to skeletons directly which then run after all other abps.

Else, well Im considering actually having the main skeleton contain all bones I need for the costume. But that means that if I then want to add a new costume/cloth later down the line, Ill have to bake out all animations again if the bones require custom anim tracks from the maya rig. Which might be fine as I cant think how this would be solved from within the engine.

I was also hoping that this will be the solution when i saw the release notes of the 4.14, but “When working with Sub Anim Instances, they must use the same Skeleton as the outer Animation Blueprint it resides in.” :frowning: