Dynamic 3D Widget

I am trying to create a search system for boxes and drawers. Currently when the user interacts with the desk a birds eye view of an open drawer is being shown using a widget. However, now I would like to show its contents as 3d rotating meshes. The contents need to be dynamically generated so using the 2014 tutorial and the render texture method tutorial doesn’t really work. Does anyone know of a good way to show 3d items in a widget?


This is a rough example, but is this the kind of thing you were looking at doing?

Yes! Well not exactly that, but that would probably give me everything I needed to work out what I want to do. Is that something g you have written?


Yeah it’s something i’ve made.

Basically, when I interact with the ‘Storage Chest’, I spawn the contents randomly from my available items and then add them to an array of Spawned Items/Actors if it’s the first time it’s been opened.

I ultimately end up showing a Widget with the Render Target which uses that array of spawned actors and loops through it until i’ve either left everything in the chest i’ve just opened or added to my own inventory.

As far as any tutorials I used, I used the one by PyroDev https://youtu.be/2ZiNFXSH4ZU for the 3D preview stuff stuff and modified it to work the way I have in the video. If there is anything specific you want to know feel free to ask

Thanks! Will let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

Hi, I have basically got it working, so many thanks for that! One thing which does seem to be happening though is when I spawn it in I am getting the background rect as well and no opacity as per the video. Any thoughts on that?



Solved it I had my RGBA pin connected to mu opacity rather than my alpha d’oh!