Dynamic 360 skybox based on two gimble controlled cams possible?

I’m prepping a solution using the new video texture capabilities in anticipation for mjpeg streaming via webcam. What I’m attempting to do is pipe in the cam feeds from my beaglebone for a stereoscopic skybox based on head tracking. Positional wont be needed for the skybox as I have already modeled a cockpit I plan to use with an avatar. I’m pretty new to UE4 so just wondering if this is possible now (with static video) and will be possible one webcam integration is completed?

Stereoscopic 360° video is quite tricky to do, are you sure you need stereo for the skybox? You don’t really see in stereo past 8-13 meters or so.

If you are talking about controlling the movement of the cameras with the HMD then you’re probably better off using a curved mesh in the background that moves with the head. I think the trickiest bit for you on that one is all the introduced latency :slight_smile: