DX12 launch causes labels to fill entire screen?


I’m running 4.22 with the -DX12 command. The editor itself loads and works (including ray-tracing), but I get a huge oddity in that all labels and icons ‘magnify’ to fill the entire screen.
If I load without the -DX12 flag, everything works as usual…so I don’t think this has to do with my system itself.

I’m up to date with Windows updates, Unreal Updates, and Geforce updates.

Here is a YouTube link where I launch it first with DX12 and then without, so the difference is clear:

Any help (even if pointing out idiocy on my part!) is very much appreciated.

If it helps, my system is:
Geforce 1080 founders (x4, but of course unreal sadly only uses one)
Win 10 64
64gb ram

Just wanted to answer my own question, since I was able to figure it out:

At least with this release of the Geforce drivers and / or UE4 (4.22), if I have SLI enabled I will get that odd ‘magnification’ issue.
If I disable SLI completely in NVIDIA control panel, all works fine.

So if you are running an SLI setup and are experiencing odd issues in UE4, try disabling SLI.
UE4 doesn’t support it in the editor anyway (I don’t think).

Hopefully this will help some others out there. :slight_smile:

I had the exact same problem and you solved it. After disabeling the SLI everything works fine. Thanks!!