DX12 is broken with SteamVR in 4.22, always crashes

There is a bug in 4.22 with VR and DX12. If you package a game and run it with -dx12, while VR is enabled, it will crash after a few seconds in


Can easily be tested by packaging the VR template and running it with -dx12. If you have bStartInVR disabled, it will only crash once you do

stereo on

, with VR disabled it works fine.

Has anyone else noticed this issue too?

I have seen this, with a GTX 980ti, and another user running on a GTX 970 saw it in my project as well. I saw a crash one time but all the other runs gave hangs, the crash call stack was originated in the D3D11Bridge, and I was able to pause the process on some of the hangs and saw things stuck in the D3D11Bridge as well.