DX11 level 10.0 requirement?,When i try to launch Unreal Engine 4.8.1 from the EpicGames launcher... it tells me i need DX11 level 10.0 to run it as a requirement. Yet ihad downloaded and intalled DX11 for 64bit win_7. It wont fix. Help

I have intalled DX 11 for win_7 64bit and it still tells me i cannot launch UE 4.8.1 from the EpicGames Launcher! (and what it level 10.0 mean?),

Hi 21 builds,

After researching this issue, I found a post that read, "there is an optional update within windows update that enables level 10.0 in dx11. So you can either look for the specific optional update and try installing it (KB2670838), or even better (because there are some prerequisite updates) make sure you install ALL optional updates so your pc is current.

There is also a platform update (KB2670838) from Microsoft that users used to fix this error found here:


Be sure you pick the appropriate Windows (x64 or x86)."

If this does not work, then please post your post dxdiag.