during successful ios packaging , c++ code not getting compiled (no error )

i am having problem with my c++ class which is a subclass of Actor .
it is not working on ios.
I assume ,it is not getting compiled during ios packaging .
So i was wondering if ue4 actually supports c++ class on ios ?

My c++ class:

UCLASS() class AProceduralMaze : public AActor {


Any kind of information will save tons of my time and my CPU’s energy ?

Is your class empty as you show or is it just an example. Because I’m sure it needs a GENERATED_BODY () there at least

hi, it contains "GENERATED_BODY () " . but i did not post that here.

ok so here’s what I found at


So you’re gonna need a custom compiled engine, there are few more things you’d need to develop for iOS like a developer certificate from apple and probably a SDK