Duplication is broken in 4.9.2 (paper2d)


As you can see from this small video duplicating a blueprint causes all sprites,flipbooks,collision boxes .etc to disappear !

This is one of the worse bugs i have ever faced because i have to redo everything from scratch.
This first appeared in 4.9.1.
I cannot replicate this on an empty paper2d template.

Any ideas why is this happening? HELP!
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Hi -

Can you give me some background to exactly what the blueprint you are duplicating is in relationship to the game? As well, as what the blueprint references? Is it a parent or child BP? In your project, will a new actor blueprint replicate this issue or just this particular asset?

Finally anything else you can think might be relevant for me to try to replicate the issue -

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hello Eric,

I managed to pinpoint the source of evil. Every BP that has a text renderer inside it as a component, fails to duplicate. The ones that dont have one, duplicate just fine.
Now if i delete the text renderer ,compile and save it still refuses to duplicate properly. Another thing that’s fishy is that if i go inside the bp and change the original text of the text renderer to something else it fails to update it on the viewport. It gets stuck on the old text.
There must be something really wrong with them in 4.9.

The Text Render not changing in the Viewport is a known issue and I believe (though I cannot confirm - haven’t tested it myself yet) that it is already corrected in the latest engine version internally. I am running some tests with this new information

Thanks -


So, I have been trying to replicate this issue for a number of days and so far I have not been able to get the results you are showing in your video. Can you take a look at this Test Project and see if you can identify any settings which you are using which this Test Project does not have?

Thank You

Eric Kethcum

Test Project_4.9.2