Duplicate Meshes Missing on FBX Skeletal Mesh Import

Hey all,

I’m trying to import a model into UE4 as a skeletal mesh. The model can be found here:…94908311987dbc

I first converted the .dae file into an FBX file with Autodesk FBX Converter 2013. On importing into Unreal, some objects’ meshes have vanished. They show up if I open the same model in Blender or Paint3D.

The bones are intact and in the correct place, but the objects with missing meshes tell me “This bone is used by the current mesh, but has no vertices weighted against it.”

What I’ve noticed is that all the missing meshes have identical, intact counterparts. You can see this in the wheels, where one (object 76) is still there and the other (object 77) is gone. Every duplicate in the model only has one of its counterparts intact.

Here it is in Blender: blender.jpg

And here’s the same model after importing into Unreal as a Skeletal Mesh:

I’ve tried more options than I count on both exporting from Blender and Importing into Unreal. Importing as a static mesh keeps all the objects intact, but then the skeleton is lost.
I’m very, very new to the 3D workflow, and all I ultimately want to do with this model is to be able to spin the wheels in a blueprint. Any ideas on how I can fix this?