Duplicate an object (class actor) along a line (construction script)


I’ve created a special object in a blueprint (rolling cylinder with special physics).

I would like to create a blueprint capable of duplicate this object along a line.

I’ve added two spheres: StartPoint and EndPoint. I’m able to retrieve their respective positions.

I’m not able to spawn or create “blueprint object” from the construction script. My “blueprint object” is passed as a “class actor”.

Thank you in advance.

Everything is working except in the editor.

In the editor view, I’m able to set the position of my end point:
Screen Shot 04-14-16 at 11.20 AM.PNG

In “playing mode”, everything is ok:
Screen Shot 04-14-16 at 11.22 AM.PNG

But not in the editor mode:
Screen Shot 04-14-16 at 11.22 AM 001.PNG
but you could see that other cylinders are created! So I think that their locations are not uptated…

Here are my blueprints:


I would like to update my “object” in realtime in editor mode.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

Ok, I found!

Instead of setting the position in the spawn function, I’ve created an output with the actor and I’m using “set relative actor location” inside the construction script and it’s working :smiley:

But there is a problem when I rotate my object. Physic objects don’t rotate with my actor… Pfff