Dungeon generation messed up.

I am making a random dungeon generation system for my game and it’s working while at the same time it isn’t. The problem is that when it generates it some of the tiles aren’t connected or aren’t aligned properly. I am pretty sure I have done it correctly and after going through my blueprint several times I still haven’t managed to fix it.

This is what the blueprint should look like:

And this is what mine looks like:
Screenshot - e6a70f1cc0f9b205390ecba4999b320c - Gyazo Screenshot - 078d5eb54a767187494d457ac5dd4b21 - Gyazo Screenshot - 68a51499ff113c429f24e53a230d9363 - Gyazo Screenshot - 61ca29a7e0247cb7aca781e37ba41c00 - Gyazo Screenshot - 979e3208a827cf7f2b601cbaf9dfe836 - Gyazo Screenshot - 081ba71fd4901c465e3a83cc671c418c - Gyazo Screenshot - fc3534df3db8dc962ef9db9c9ba53201 - Gyazo Screenshot - 13c1b3299131a8479482b58781cb176a - Gyazo Screenshot - 3c0e53e56fee3a65cf378efa829f04b2 - Gyazo Screenshot - a1167c898580c613e9879e6fbc053021 - Gyazo Screenshot - e73087f48c99ed050d17e99e39879d47 - Gyazo Screenshot - e8d3fd09f0da1d129f3f6b38bfdaa381 - Gyazo Screenshot - b8643cafe7f97a6cc16fbb613398f451 - Gyazo Screenshot - a11433658ad6a297a449d4e5dd7baa24 - Gyazo Screenshot - 07ce1b99946d28d02a980c7f82064332 - Gyazo Screenshot - 6bd9e716281149acb07116179894a2fe - Gyazo Screenshot - 1ea5f53aca48271d156fbcf5df599e53 - Gyazo

This is what is happening when I generate the dungeon:
(It’s small on purpose but as you can see they aren’t connected.)

This is what it should look like: