Dungeon Architect

@TheCouch That’s expected behaviour. The transform logic’s transform will be relative to the parent. An example would be where you randomly place a painting on the wall in the Z range of 100 to 200 cm high. Later you decide to make the parent wall 3 times larger. We want the offset to also be scaled from 300 to 600 cm to make up for the larger wall

@ReenOne There’s a multiplayer sample in the quick start guide and it works with dedicated server

Some progress on a new dungeon layout algorithm (like ziggaurath)

I start with a world bounds, and binary split it till a min/max room size is reached

The splits don’t have to be in the center

Connect the doors based on the tree connections. This helps us enforce conditions, i.e. two child subtrees of a node are guaranteed to be isolated and connected only through the node’s door. This helps in created a door / lock combo. It can also loop

Purge the tree and tag the doors (notice E, L, K)

Hi Ali,

There’s two if statements inside UGridDungeonBuilder::ConnectRooms like this:

if (PreviousCell->CellType == FCellType::Room || PreviousCell->CellType == FCellType::Room)

Note the two sides of the || are identical. I’ve changed it to this:

if (CurrentCell->CellType == FCellType::Room || PreviousCell->CellType == FCellType::Room)

This fixes rooms sometimes not having doors connected to them from corridors… I think.



I also added:

FORCEINLINE uint32 GetTypeHash(const FRectangle& rect)
	return FCrc::MemCrc_DEPRECATED(&rect, sizeof(FRectangle));

To MathUtils.h so I can put an FRectangle in a TSet and/or TMap.



@LuaChunk Thanks for the fix. I’ve added it to the code and will be available in the next build

A new version has been uploaded to the website for engine version 4.16 and 4.17. I’ll also submit to Epic shortly

Version 2.7.0

  • Marker replacement volumes now run after all the Marker Emitter blueprints have emitted their markers
  • Fixed a bug in the grid builder that was causing doors to not create properly in some cases
  • Fixed a crash issue with the Actor theme node
  • Improved the stair connection model
  • Refactored the SceneProvider C++ API to take in a context object
  • Fixed a bug with pooling where actors from another dungeon where deleted
  • Exposed the snap confiugration to blueprints
  • Exposed the grid tool paint data to blueprints
  • Added wall separators to floorplan builder
  • Added support for engine version 4.17

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION]

Does DA work with World Composition to create truly massive procedurally generated worlds ?

the Epic Launcher is saying its installed in every version of the engine I have but I cannot get it to run at all…can’t even find it. any suggestions

Yes, I would expect that behavior. I wouldn’t expect the scale to be applied to the translation though. The problem with this is that it also repositions the wall. Think of it this way: what’s happening is akin to applying the scale to the rotation. Let’s say I rotate a wall by 90 degrees and then I have a transform logic that scales the wall by .5. Now my wall is only rotated 45 degrees. That would be unexpected behavior. It’s similar to applying the scale to the translation. It might make some sense (maybe) if the pivot point was always in the exact center of the mesh, but I think that’s pretty rare.

Is it enabled in the list of plugins?

How long does it take epic to get around to updates?

Hi Ali,

There’s actually two places this bug exists. In 2.7.0 you fixed line 1325 when sweeping the x axis, but not 1365 when sweeping the y axis.



@motorsep World Composition is not supported. I played around with the engine’s world composition framework while experimenting with the snap builder so it shouldn’t be too difficult to add. I understand it is required for VR and FPS games. I’ll add it in the future

@Tkat5200 Could you try deleting the plugin from the “Installed plugins” link under the engine version and re-downloading. After you launch, navigate to Edit > Plugins. In the left pane, choose Procedural category and make sure Dungeon Architect is installed and enabled

@TheCouch Ah, I misunderstood your post. Scaling the rotation is clearly wrong. I’ll have a look tomorrow and have it fixed in 2.7.1

They are usually pretty fast (~24 hours). I have just submitted 2.7.0 to Epic as Mac QA was pending. I’ve also added 4.17 support which was released yesterday

@LuaChunk I’ll fix it in 2.7.1

That would be great! How far off is such future? :o

Btw, World Composition is for massive levels, so it can be used in any sort of game, not just FPS and not just in VR.

Note though that the rotation is definitely not being affected, the translation (position) is being affected. My example was meant to illustrate that it’s strange to apply the scale to the translation (at least I think it is).